The Memorial Gardens Action Group, together with LB Redbridge, is working to open up the Gardens more for local people.  

Since 2007the Action Group has opened the Memorial Hall on each first Sunday of the month between April and October, in addition to the traditional annual open day of Remembrance Sunday.


The Action Group has also arranged two summer fetes, the first in 2007 featuring displays and period actors, the second in 2008 centred around an evening concert.  


The Group also hosted the first Christmas Carol event, based in the Memorial Hall in December 2007.  Scroll down from the menu bar to take a look at these past events.  


The drop down menues on this website also contain detailed information on future events and open days.


Schools and other groups who may wish to arrange a viewing of the memorial Hall outside of the published open dates, should contact Vision, Redbridge Culture & Leisure Tel: 020 8708 3141 General enquiries  or email [email protected]



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