Newbury A Trent

Newbury Abbot Trent (1885 – 1963) was a well-respected architect in the first half of the 20th century.  Before the First World War, Trent sculpted the 'Peace Statue' in Brighton and Hove, which celebrates the reign of Edward VII.   As far as can be established, Trent did not serve in the First World War although he was of an age to do so. In addition to his work on the Ilford War Memorial Monument, he designed the Beckenham War Memorial in south London – a 7.5 metre high Portland Stone Column, which was unveiled in 1921.  


Trent also sculpted the bust of Stanley Baldwin (1867-1947), Prime Minister, 1923, 1924-9 and 1935-7 in the Palace of Westminster, and was commissioned to produce the Relief panels on the New Victoria (Apollo) Cinema, opened in 1930 and stone panels depicting street criers at 3 St James' Square.


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