The Group is constantly working to improve the quality and environment of the Gardens, making them a more beautiful, more accessible place for the public to visit and enjoy personal, quiet reflection.  


One of the Group's immediate tasks was tackling the problems of litter, vandalism and dog fouling, which had worsened in recent years.


To this end, the Group have initiated and overseen the installation of CCTV cameras and Smartwater protection of the Memorials together with the implimentation of a No Dogs order.


Achievements so far:

- successful Open Day, June 2007

- new landscaping, with new flower beds and plants  (See the Horticulture page)

- resurfaced the gravel paths

- installed protective doors on the Memorial Hall

- installed new gates on front railings and painted front railings

- designed and installed new notice boards

- reopened the Memorial Hall to the public ( See the Latest News page)

- unveiled glass dome on the Memorial Hall for first time in years

- Installed CCTV around the Memorial Hall & Memorials

- Planted 1000's of Daffodils, Snowdrops, Crocuses & Aconites around the gardens.




Ilford War Memorial Gardens Action Group

The Action Group has set out its vision as follows:


- To work together to make the Gardens more accessible to all and a  centre for local public life as well as a place for quiet reflection


- To offer a better physical environment and to develop the Gardens to become a more desirable space.

This website is provided by the Ilford War Memorial Gardens Action Group.  This is a team of local people and organisations who came together in the Spring of 2006 to bring new life to the Gardens.