Since 2004, the War Memorial Gardens Action Group has achieved a wide

range of improvements to the Gardens.  Here are a few highlights:


•  Installation of information boards at Gardens entrance and Memorial Hall


•  Unveiled Hall Dome (after a decade of it being covered up)


•  Laying paving around Memorial hall


•  REplaced & Protected Hall Dome (Lantern) from vandalism.


•  Reopening Memorial Hall regularly with public information displays


•  Held series of open days, including summer concert and Christmas carols


•  Annual participation in London’s Open Weekend


•  Range of horticultural improvements, including revival of roses and

   replanting border beds


•  Installation of CCTV to improve security of Hall and Gardens


•  Installation of flag pole


•  Ban on dogs


*  Green Flag Award 2011 - 2012 - 2013 - 2014 - 2015


*  Safer Parks Awards   2011 & 2012




Information Board outside Hall(Web) Memorial Hall (new paving) Roses Interior Displays Flag pole. Summer Concert 20082(web) Open Day Actor & Child Open House Weekend 20085 Carols3

Paving in front of Hall

New notice boards

Interior Info boards

Open Day 2007

Open House Weekend 2008

Summer Concert 2008

Annual Carol Concerts

London in Bloom Award. Mayor

London in Bloom Award Winner

Installation of flag pole

Revival of roses & plantage