Welcome to the official website of the Ilford War Memorial Gardens.

The Ilford War Memorial Gardens are a unique and priceless asset for the people of Redbridge to enjoy.  


The Gardens were created in the 1920s as the Borough's main Memorial Site honouring local men who died in the Great War.  Today, it remains home to Redbridge's official Civic Service of Remembrance which is held in November.


Much has changed in the lifespan of the Gardens.  Originally, they were flanked on the East side by Ilford's first Emergency Hospital, (which was later expanded to become the King George V Hospital) and, on the West side, by the Ilford Maternity Hospital.  The hospital buildings were demolished in 2001 and have been replaced by large-scale residential developments, a hotel and retail facilities.  


With the completion of the redevelopment came new challenges, specifically with the upkeep of the Gardens, which saw a rise in litter, dog fouling, graffiti and other problems associated with the increased number of people visiting the area.  


In addition, many of the new residents were, quite naturally, not immediately aware of the history and purpose of the Gardens and some simply treated it as a combined playground, football pitch and dog excercise area.


As part of their ongoing commitment to address these challenges, the Ilford War Memorial Gardens Action Group (IWMGAG) run & maintain this website in addition to their involvement in the day to day upkeep of the gardens


IWMGAG members are working with local residents, businesses and visitors to renew the Gardens and help new generations to better understand and appreciate their unique value to all the people of Redbridge and to its honoured war dead.


We hope you find this website useful - we would be delighted to receive your feedback, which you can provide via our Guestbook (located under  - Somme 100 ).